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Just a few of our 10,000 plus Success Stories.

When I came to ZG, I was overweight with high blood sugar & cholesterol.  Dr. Madge and her team helped me turn all of that around.  I've lost 45lbs, lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar and now I have more energy than ever before.  All I have to say is "There's no place like ZG." - Lora M.
I just graduated from my ZG Class and have to admit: I am loving this!  Not only have I lost 40lbs, but I'm feeling better than ever!  My friends at work are starting to notice, but I tell them...It's not a diet, it's a healthy lifestyle change program which I know I can follow the rest of my life...a better life. - Ryland P.
Nothing in the past has worked.  I knew how I wanted to look and feel but couldn't get motivated to do it.  My family and I decided to start ZG...and I lost 35lbs in 11 weeks.  The trainers are amazing, passionate, encouraging and are willing to help however they can.  I have not felt this good in a long time...it's awesome!  The information, motivation and excitement I have gained by joining ZG is priceless.  - Kali E.


What's included in the ZG Key Program?

  • Health and Weight Loss Education

  • Accountability Teams

  • Awesome Trainers

  • Nutrition Experts

  • 100 Keys Support Groups

  • Individualized Assessments, Custom Plans and Benchmarking

  • Exercise Classes Designed for Your Level

  • Lots of Equipment and Classes from which to Choose

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