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About Zacharias Ganey (ZG)

ZG…the Leader in Weight Loss and Preventive Health through Healthy Lifestyle Change

ZG main entranceZG specializes in weight management and helping individuals achieve optimum health through education, knowledge, physical activity and support.

The ZG KEY (Knowledge, Energy and You) has helped over 10,000 program members, over the past seven years, boost metabolism, lose weight, reduce medications, improve energy, and take ownership of their health. Our purpose is to help each and every program member achieve personal individual success by giving them the necessary tools and support and helping them removing every obstacle blocking their path along their journey to good health.

ZGHI members come from over a hundred mile radius come to ZGHI to take the ZG Key Course and develop the ability to win in areas of their life and health that they never thought possible. Most continue on as members in the ZG "Continuation" month to month program to internalize healthy habits so they become a natural part of their life.

In addition, individuals with health needs ranging from pain reduction, orthopedic disorders, arthritis, and fibromyalgia travel from all over the city and surrounding area daily to enjoy and benefit from the large and beneficial warm therapeutic pool.

ZGHI also serves as a beautiful health and wellness center in the heart of Ginter Park in Richmond, Virginia. It is proud to serve the fitness, exercise, and social needs of the surrounding community.


The Zacharias Ganey Company mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health and improve their quality of life through medical and nutrition education by a physician, individual counseling, group support, supervised motivated group strength and cardio training and continuous follow-up and accountability.

About the Founders

Madge Zacharias and Mary Jane Zacharias GaneyFounded by Dr. Madge Zacharias, former Richmond Pediatrician and current Member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, and co-managed by her sister, Mary Jane Ganey, former educator, CPA and Business/Marketing strategist.

Dr. Rodney GaneyRodney Ganey, non-managing founding partner of ZG and investor, has been with ZG since the beginning. Madge and Mary Jane have been fortunate to have the backing and support of a leader in the Health Care industry. Rodney was able to see the ZG vision for a unique health care model providing an affordable "all under one roof" approach to preventive health and an affordable way to reverse or mitigate the many health issues and disease associated with overweight, abnormal eating and nutrition and the American sedentary lifestyle. Click here for Rodneys bio.